Dried high-altitude morels from Patagonia:

Surrounded by specific tree species (fitzroya cupressoides and austroce drus chilensis), morels grow there between 1200m and 2400m altitude in a habitat far from any pollution on the soil rich while resisting a harsh and complicated climate. Its habitat and climate give the Patagonian morel aunique powerful taste and thick texture

Dried morels from the Himalayas:

Dried morels from Canada:

  • Himalayan high altitude morels

    Wild and tasty high-altitude morels. An excellent variety of morels with a powerful taste appreciated by the best chefs, picked in the Himalayan mountain ranges just after the first snow melts in a healthy environment preserved from all pollution. For the most discerning gourmets, it is one of the bestvarieties of morels with a rich and fragrant taste.

  • Morels origin France

    Picked in spring and awaited by many as the first mushroom picking of the year, our 100% French morels are picked and cleaned of any impurities by hand, sorted then dried naturally in the open air . They will delight the finest gourmets with their powerful fragranceandtheir fine and complex taste.

  • “Fire” morels from Canada

    In Canada, 85% of these fires are naturaland are caused by lightning, they contribute to the regeneration of forests. The pH of this burned soil will promote the development of the morel mycelium which will be able to feed on small pieces of rootswhich die in the soil. Its picking in remote areas is difficult, and like all wild morels, its rarity makes it an exceptional mushroom!

  • High altitude morels Patagonia

    Surrounded by specific tree species, the Patagonian morel, the strongest tasting variety, grows at altitude in the Andes, far from any pollution on rich soils while resisting a harsh and complicated climate. Its biotope gives the Patagonian morel a strong and powerful taste and a thick texture very appreciated by the greatest gourmets.

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Follow our good advice for rehydrating and cooking dried morels by Chef Morel.

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The morel, a prestigious mushroom

The morel, like the truffle, is a high-end mushroom due to its capricious appearance and its ability to flavor our best dishes. This very particular mushroom, recognizable by its honeycomb texture, appears here in spring directly after the first snow melts and tips its hat to all amateurs, seasoned researchers and fine gourmets.

There are several ways to consume morels but in general it is amushroom that is cooked after drying,in fact drying will give the morel more distinct and assertive aromas which it would be a real shame to miss. do without it.

There are several varieties and qualities of dried morels. We only offer high-end wild morels guaranteeing a unique culinary experience due to their recognizable, delicate but pronounced taste and their thick, fleshy texture.

The price of wild morelvaries depending on the variety, this is explained on the one hand by the low quantitative appearance of the morel and on the other hand by drying which causes the morel to lose 85% of its initial weight.