Rehydration & cooking of morels

Follow these little rehydration and cooking tips to make your best recipes. 

The cooking tips that follow are valid and are even recommended for any recipe using dried morels!


Take your morels out of their packaging without rinsing them and into a container, cover them with lukewarm water without drowning them (see photo) and soak them for 2 hours, stirring from time to time.

End of rehydration

Well-rehydrated morels have doubled in volume, regained a thick, spongy texture and give off a pleasantly fragrant smell.

Drain & rinse

Drain your morels in a colander, collecting the rehydration juice in a bowl. Then, rinse your morels well under clean water to remove any impurities present in the alveoli. Your morels are now rehydrated and are ready to cook. Reserve the rehydration juice for later.


Before cooking them, we recommend cutting your largest morels in half lengthwise (see photo) and leaving the smaller ones whole.


In a very hot pan, melt a good quantity of butter because the morel, like any mushroom, needs a fair amount of fat to express and reveal all its aromas.

To input

The first cooking is crucial, there we will sear our morels over high heat for about 4 minutes on each side until the moisture contained in the morels has evaporated and until a light golden color is obtained.

Rehydration juice

An equally important step to have a tasty morel, we will recover the scents and aromas of the rehydration juice. Reduce the heat to medium and water your morels with about half of the rehydration juice, collecting it only on the surface and using a tablespoon, being careful to avoid collecting the impurities at the bottom of the bowl. You can also filter the rehydration juice beforehand.


Add salt sparingly and cook your morels over medium-high heat for 5 to 10 minutes on each side, stirring regularly until all the moisture evaporates and your morels are nicely browned. Your morels are perfectly cooked and golden, reserve them to incorporate into your favorite sauces and recipes or leave them in the pan and continue reading this article to enjoy them with cream.

Mushrooms with cream

When your morels are golden, reduce the heat to medium and pour in some 30% M.F. semi-thick Normandy cream (pour 10cl for approximately 50g of dried morels) and leave to simmer, stirring, for one to two minutes. Season with freshly ground black pepper and adjust the seasoning if necessary.

It's ready !

Your morels are ready to be enjoyed! Serve them as an accompaniment to poultry or red meat or accompany them with asparagus or a small pan of fresh vegetables. Enjoy your food !