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Dried high-altitude morels. 3/4cm - 200 gr - hulled. Superior quality.

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Surrounded by specific tree species, these delicious morels grow between 1000 and 2500m altitude in a habitat far from any pollution on rich soils while resisting a harsh and complicated climate.

  • 【Taste - Fragrance】Without a doubt, it is one of the morel varieties with the most pronounced taste< /strong>, its habitat and its climate give these morels a pleasant fragrance, a unique powerful taste and a thick texture.
  • Ingredients: morchella conica.
  • Origin: Import.
  • Net weight: 200 grams, 8-16 people.
  • Bag with resealable zip made from recycled materials.
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Follow our good advice for rehydrating and cooking dried morels by Chef Morel.

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frequently asked Questions

Why do the prices seem more expensive than fresh mushrooms?

To obtain 100 g of dried mushrooms, you need approximately 1 kg of fresh mushrooms. During the drying phase, the mushroom loses 9/10 of its initial weight. Buying 50 grams of dried mushrooms for €15 is like buying 50 grams of fresh mushrooms for €15. In the end the price is the same as the price of fresh mushrooms and often even cheaper taking into account the drying work and our quality charter.

How long can I keep them?

Drying is an ancestral preservation method, at the time when refrigerators and freezers did not exist, it made it possible to keep a harvest for many years in the best conservation conditions. Our dried mushrooms keep for an average of 2 years and when the package is opened, the shelf life indicated on the package does not change if it is properly closed and stored in a clean, cool and clean place. dry away from light.

How to cook them?

It's very simple, you must first rehydrate your mushrooms for an average of 2 hours in water in a container. Then you can cook them very simply in all your sauces, in soups or veloutés, in elaborate recipes, fried vegetables, sautéed as an accompaniment.There are hundreds of recipes in which you can use them< /strong>, it’s an ingredient to always have on hand, a must-have in the kitchen!

how do I properly rehydrate my dried mushrooms?

In order to rehydrate your dried mushrooms as best as possible, we advise you to pour the desired quantity into a container, cover them with lukewarm or hot water (avoid adding too much water), wait for around 2h30, stirring from time to time. Then drain your mushrooms in a colander without pressing them, avoid rinsing before and after rehydration. Your mushrooms are ready to cook!

Tip: you can recover the perfume-laden rehydration juice to accentuate the flavor when cooking your mushrooms or to use in other recipes (soups, sauces, etc.)