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Quality, flavor and Tradition...

At Chef Morel, we pride ourselves on quality. Our mushrooms are selected with the greatest care.

Taste CepsCherrollesTrumpetsShiitake but also Dried high-altitude morels with a strong taste and delicate texture.

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Explosion of tastes!

To obtain 100 g of dried mushroom, you need 1 kg of fresh mushroom, this concentration of flavor combined with drying develops pronounced and surprising aromas.

Vitamins D & B, minerals and antioxidants!

Dried mushrooms can be described as a “superfood”, with many benefits for our health. Vitamins D, minerals and antioxidants are present in large quantities.

They are also an excellent source of protein, 100g of dried mushrooms contains between 20g and 30g.

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A little word about us...

We are a family business located in the countryside at the foot of the mountains, nature plays an important place in our lives. Passionate about authentic cuisine, we attach great importance to the ingredients with which we cook. We select the best products in order to best share our passion and the pleasure of cooking mushrooms.

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