Nature and gastronomy

Family business located in the heart of the Pyrenees massif, nature and wildlife occupy an important place in our lives. Passionate about authentic cuisine, we attach great importance to the ingredients with which we cook and from our childhood, we learned to recognize and pick mushrooms.

Local commerce

Traditionally, after our good harvests, we dry our mushrooms using ancestral methods to preserve them and enjoy their flavors throughout the year.

Over time, we have noticed that dried mushroom is a relatively unknown ingredient but one that becomes very appreciated after tasting it. This is why, almost 10 years ago, we decided to launch into the marketing of dried mushrooms locally in the markets of our region.

Online sale

We launched our website in 2019 after 5 years of developing our activity in our regional markets and a few gastronomic events throughout France.

Today we ship dried mushrooms throughout Europe and work with chefs who can count on the quality of our products.