Dried high-altitude morels:

Why prefer dried morels to fresh morels?

  1. Drying does not require any energy-intensive storage or processing processes like freezing.
  2. There is no nutritional loss and no loss of flavor, on the contrary the flavors are accentuated with drying.
  3. Drying eliminates the toxic protein present in fresh morels.


Follow our good advice for rehydrating and cooking dried morels by Chef Morel.

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The morel, a prestigious mushroom...

The morel, like the truffle, is a high-end mushroom due to its capricious appearance and its ability to flavor our best dishes. This very particular mushroom, recognizable by its honeycomb texture, appears here in spring directly after the first snow melts and tips its hat to all amateurs, seasoned researchers and fine gourmets.

There are several ways to consume morels but in general it is amushroom that is cooked after drying,in fact drying will give the morel more distinct and assertive aromas which it would be a real shame to miss. do without it.

There are several varieties and qualities of dried morels. We only offer high-end wild morels guaranteeing a unique culinary experience thanks to their recognizable, delicate but pronounced taste and their thick, fleshy texture.

The price of wild morelvaries depending on the variety, this is explained on the one hand by the low quantitative appearance of the morel and on the other hand by drying which causes the morel to lose 85% of its initial weight.